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the show. thank you for being here. this is is great experience, but the disappointment is the pay for doing it. it was really was fun. >> welcome to the news. the top stories. armed men supporting russia are taking over the capital in ukraine. >> i was forced to leave ukraine under the immediate threat of my life and life of my family. >> he's staying he's still the country's leader.
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>> hello, in london with more reaction on those fast moving developments in ukraine. >> viktor yanukovich insists he's charge and tell that to the politicians in kiev. we have the analysis on who is running the country and the money bleeding from it. >> ahead, the french president arrives to central african republic. plus... ♪ the 12 years of slaves expected to win big at sunday's oscars and why so much black talent leaving the uk? the region of crimea and reports
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of flights being turn away. moscow denied the soldiers are russian. here are the two major flash points, men carrying weapons moved into the airport to the northwest of the city and also at the parliament building in the center. we have a report. >> the prorussian block welcome russian troops. by first light on friday they got their wish. at the airport, dozens of men standing guard & their rifles are unloaded. but who were there. the uniforms have no markings. a man came forward to explain in a manner of speaking. >> we are preventing the arrival
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of the fascist. >> a couple of policeman standing around and looking lost. we asked one who is going on here. >> no comment. >> within a few hours the ukrainian services told us that they were russian troops. the russian agency then said that russian soldiers surrounded the military airport to keep what they called enemy fighters out and no doubt seeing this as protection of the russian majority. there are things to say about this, the most striking is there are no ukrainian security forces here. these mean are armed. no insignia and controlling the security at a major regional airport in ukraine. the kiev writ is no longer
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running here and this is shortly it. rumors coming and going and so did the soldiers. maybe someone here they are trying to protect or keeping out. the airport security men coming out and not letting the soldiers inside and but they were coming and going throughout the vip area as if they owned the place. prorussian civilians here offering them cigarettes, also to furnish the media and trying to prevent the cameras from filming a shift change. no structure to them. if you ask them a question you may or may not get an answer. this maybe the new normal and this area almost all under the russian control.
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al jazeera in ukraine. >> we are also at the parliament, and we are hearing a line about flight from kiev to simferopol being turned away. >> the flights tonight were suspended and the air space was shutdown until tomorrow 18:30 local, that is 16:30 gmt. we don't have an official reason for that and we are assuming it is because of the tensions. there are appears that the armed men cause add lot of concern in kiev and certainly have stranged the relations between the local government here and the new government in kiev. so that might be the reason.
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they were concerned among many of the people here that some of the activists had actually announced that in kiev, so maybe that is one of the reasons to try to diffuse the tensions. >> what is the local government there up to? >> well, certainly the new prime minister is active and holding a lot of consultations as we understand it. he nominated two vice prime ministers and most of the cabinet. we understand that he choose so far 18 out of the 20 ministers that form really the local government here. we haven't heard the final list nor the official nomination yet. we also know that there's a lot of consultations with kiev, the high profile politicians made
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his way here, he was a former foreign minister and one of the two candidates for the new post of prime minister in kiev and this is what he said upon arooiing here. >> i'm here to speak about the language and not accepting that ukrainian government is going to lose control here. we cannot accept the foreign troops. we cann we cannot accept the degrading of the integrity of ukraine. >> certainly the relations between kiev and the local authorities here have been quite strained lately. the new prime minister called for a referendum and set on the same day of the national
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presidential elections, that is may 25 and that referendum and asking if the people want more atownmy from the national government or not. there is a lot of talk between the two sides and kiev has to do more to convince them here that relations will be okay and i think that main issue also is that kiev is very afraid of more interference by russia and afraid at some point this could lead to disintegration of ukraine. >> thank you. viktor yanukovich is saying he's still the leader and appeared this morning. viktor yanukovich defined and called the people over him fascists. >> nobody overthrew me.
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i was forced to leave ukraine because of threats to me and my family. the power was seized that represent the minority of the people in ukraine. >> the new interim government is facing a huge challenge to bring the situation and the control from it. >> independence square, the center of the upheavals looks calm, but the atmosphere is tense and nervous. just 800 kilometers away they are facing a break away. the leadership here in ukraine is under enormous pressure. the new administration is battling to keep the country united in the face of growing instability. >> in parliament, no doubt who is to blame.
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>> if the russians carry out further action the border guards will take measures in the case of direct digression. >> kiev wants the u.n. to become involved and the acting president called on russia to respect the treaties and guaranteeing the sovereigncy. hanging over the crisis, the man that unleashed the uncertainty, viktor yanukovich speaking at the press conference. for those remembering the deed in kiev who viktor yanukovich claimed had nothing to do with him, the press conference was an insult. >> i hope one day to share a and understanding what happened because for me, [indiscernible] what i hope --
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>> now they know that viktor yanukovich is on russian soil a the authorities are pressing for the extradition, another potential flash point with moscow. swiss investigatorers want to talk to him as well about money laundering. >> there is a flurry of telephone conversations about the day's events. russian president has spoken to the german and french leaders and u.s. secretary of state is in touch with the counter parts in moscow. >> he affirmed to me that president putin is committed and as a matter of policy they do not intend to violate the sovereignty of ukraine but there are interests in crimea which is
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reflected in their local writ yesterday. this is the tension that exists within ukraine itself. an an east west tension within ukraine. >> the new interim government asked the u.n. to intervene. we are joined live from the u.n. with more. is that what they are talking about closed doors? >> yes, it is. the ukraine ambassador representing the parliament in kiev, and he wrote a letter to the security council asking for a meeting of the security council, that meeting looks like called for two hours from now. they have invited the members of the security council to attend that meeting on the ukraine, it is worth adding that the diplomats are saying that russia is opposed to the meeting.
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we don't know exactly what is going to happen. it is going to be a closed door meeting and likely to be a stormy meeting. it is a very sensitive subject, ukraine is russia's backyard and a russian neighbor and russia is deeply concerned about the situation there and russia is a country that has a u.n. security council veto and interesting footnote that u.n. security council veto first discussed at the end of the first second world war and they joined the u.n. and that meeting taking place in that area. >> thank you. you are watching the news hour, still more to come. refusing to budge, not pushed out of office. plus... helping children deal with the trauma of war. we visit a project in turkey and
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haeming the youngest victims of the conflict. >> city manager finds himself in trouble, details are coming up. french president is visiting central africa and holding the discussions with the french president and meeting are the religious leaders in the country. he's allowed to help stabilize the country by committing 400 troops. 2,000 troops in central african republic.
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the general is saying on thursday that at least 12,000 are needed to secure the country. we have this report from the church that the french president visited. >> he pray -- praises the troops and acknowledges that there are still chaos. he's here to talk to the interim president. he wants to deliver a message to her and keeping the doors, and lines of communication open and being inclusive in the dialogue she's conducting and wants to see the end to impunity and no temptation to split the country and the question is how she's supposed to bring about law and order without the tools and no functioning army, nor a functioning police force a judicial system and many of the
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people employed in the sectors not paid for months. french president is talking to the religious leaders and trying to end the killings and attacks and amid the talks tens of thousands of christians and muslims are living in fear. >> this is a city within a city. 60,000 christians left their homes for a camp. and signs that they are here to stay. they don't think it is safe to go home because the fighters are still here. they are accused of killing their way to the capitol in a coo. the general wants peace now. but he doesn't accept much responsibility. >> we always speak about
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selective guard. no one says anything wrong about them. the government and the french have to take responsibility and control the situation. >> the christian fighters are taking revengs against muslims and thousands are leaving the country. some want to reconcile but on their own terms. >> we can't manage our community alone. we hear gun fire. muslims are shooting. >> peace keepers can't control the violence. another area empties after another shooting and christians have killed the fighter that ventured out. they are fed up living like this, living like animals. his family stays despite half of the neighbors are moving to a camp.
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>> we want to stop this. they can't govern or do anything for the country. they have arms and guns. we are living like this because of impunity. o where the christians and muslims lived peacefully until a month ago, he doesn't understand how it is coming to this. >> anticoo protests are taking in place in the cities across egypt. they are gathered in the civil neighborhoods and the crowds are coming out protesting against the military backed interim governments. >> one person reported killed as police break up to anticoup
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demonstrations. >> al jazeera is demanding the release of the stap being held in egypt. now have spent 62 days in prison. they are accused of links to terrorist organizations and spreading false news. another journalist from the arabic channel held since august. >> fighters from the rebel group islamic state of iraq with drew from parts of syria. the fighters left the town close to border with turkey. it is coming four days ahead of a deadline set by the rival group. >> children that witness war suffer deep trauma impacts. they come to terms with what they have experienced. >> these children are not
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misbehaving, they are being earn couraged to scream. they have come from a war zone and this exercise helps them release the violent emotions. the teachers asks them what does the world violence mean. they talk about the arguments with the classmates and others talk about war. >> my friend braped his chest with fire forks. he burned himself. >> my brother was killed. a shell hit his house. army soldiers came and burned our house. >> time to put the memories and feelings into drawings. death and fighting dominates most of the work. others show me dead children.
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it is an organization funded by a $25,000 grant from the danish government. all staffers are trained by the d danish to provide the support to the syrian children. >> our goal is expressing the feelings using painting and interactive theatre so they gain a sense of control over them, which helps in the coping process. they are growing is being suppressed by many factors. 65% of those children are not going to school. of those, 35% of are forced to work in very hard circumstances. >> on the playground nearby it is time to have fun. >> around 150 children have participated in workshops like this one. some of them are showing signs of post traumatic di stress
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disorder. they need psych help. but there not enough hospitals, schools or doctors or even food for the syrian refugees. >> other world headlines t word bank is with holding a loan intended for healthcare in uganda. it is in response to an antigay bill. the bank is concerned about discrimination that the new law could affect safe access to healthcare. >> doctors without borders is saying it is deeply concerned for tens of thousands of patients after ordered to stop
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the work in the country. they have not revealed the reason behind the order. they criticized the group's work. >> china arrested over a thousand people and rescued hundreds of children in baby trading. most of those detained arrested for using the websites. the babies bought and sold for $3,000 each. >> thailands president is not going the resign and continue the strong hold in the north and refusing to answer accusations of corruption. we went to meet her. >> a lot of piem want the prime minister out of office. but here in northern thailand, the rule is not contested. this is her hometown and her
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political base. many people here believe that the opposition's demand for the resignation is unconstitutional. she won't be pushed out of power she says and the way out of the political crisis is holding the elections in line with the constitution. >> at of people tried to -- it doesn't mean i have the option. [indiscernible] >> but these people back in the capitol don't want to compromise. protestor disrupted elections earlier this month. instead they want an unelected council and now she's being investigated by the anticorruption commission and could be leading to removal of office. the opponents are saying she's no longer able to govern the country and she's on the run.
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she denies that and the only reason to come to the north is inspecting the government run projects and no doubt she's facing pressures. protestor laid siege to her offices in early january. she's avoiding a confrontation but there is already confrontation, some a call it a low intensity civil war and the violence could be getting force with the supporters address the o poesers. >> would you encourage them to taking the streets? >> not like break the rules and [indiscernible]. >> she's lot a lot of her power, but relying on the support of
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the people to the rural north. her brother was in office for many years. the opposition is saying it wants to get rid of the taxing regime. the supporters promised not to allow that to happen. the problem is potential for a vie leapt show down. >> still to come, going the distance t pakistani protests are walking in the name of missing relatives. >> cuban's new billion dollar port and taking business away from the neighbors. >> the man in the mask turns the heat.
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their stories. we are not meant to be your first choice for entertainment.
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>> these protestors have decided >> these protestor have decidedd >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance.
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>> heavily armed, combat tactics >> every little podunk wants their tank and their bazooka... >> with s.w.a.t. raids on the rise... >> when it goes wrong, it goes extremely wrong... >> what's the price for militarizing our police >> they killed evan dead >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> there blocking the door... >> ground breaking... >> we have to get out of here... >> truth seeking... break though investigative documentary series... new episode, deadly force only on al jazeera america welcome back. reminder of the top stories, the region in the ukraine is rebelled.
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supports of russia is taking control of the airport. >> requests from parliament and the acting president is summoning the ukraine security chiefs over the situation. >> meanwhile t deposed president viktor yanukovich is saying he's still the leader and forced to leave after receiving threats. so viktor yanukovich is saying he's going to fight for the country's future and the question is how. >> thank you. ukraine's president is insisting he was forced to leave because of threats on his life and will be returning when he feels it is safe. so where does that leave ukraine. >> he's claiming that he's still
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the president of ukraine. but he left last friday night. he's now taken himself off to russia and he's lost the support of the people who were supporting him before, the politicians and the government operators and by the time he left the guards disappeared from the presidential administration and the day after le left the man from parliament came on television and denounced him. >> is that why this is differing from egypt, he fled in this case. >> yes. viktor yanukovich did flee, that is right. o what about the work that the new government has to do, how behind them are the general population at the moment, what are your thoughts on the mood? >> the mood is somber. people were mourning the hundred
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or so who had been killed and six hundred wounded. i was at a funeral for one of the people that had been killed. a great since of determination. i walked around the independence square on monday, which was three days after that dreadful attack and all of the burning of the barricades and already the protestor had cleaned everything up. they had rebuilt the barricades. they were self-defense forces there in the helmets and determined to guard the square. but quite clear that they are there for the long term. >> ukraine's newly installed cabinet is trying to work how to solve the economic crisis. the new prime minister is saying thech to work with the
1:33 pm
international fund and claims of widespread corruption. loans of $37 billion going missing. that is $2 million more than the country needs to avoid a default. australia is tying up the funds and swiss is looking into money laundering. i spoke the andrea smith. i asked him about what money laundering means in this instance. >> what it actually means, means a ruler of the country and in way or another has misappropriated assets that belong to the country or the
1:34 pm
people of the country and then brought by possible ways out of the country and stashed them in a foreign bank. >> so swiss is freezing the assets in any way associated with viktor yanukovich, and then how are they going to investigate these? >> the list that the federal council has and the banks to determine if they have accounts of persons on the list. the problem with the list, it came too late. it should have come at the beginning of the week and also, well known business people close to the family and not on the list and the family members are not on the list. >> so what next following the paper trail?
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>> banks have to report the the federal office on money laundering. and coming a complicated process that actually a future legitimate government of the ukraine has to ask for assistance and proov that the money was stolen or misappropriated or corruption is involved or a crime is involved and then anl then seize. . >> how long has there been the suspicio suspicions, obviously viktor yanukovich is no longer in power, and ideas that before this things were not legal? >> yes, the son of viktor yanukovich used to be a former dentist and increased the fortune in three years to half a billion dollars and coal trading
1:36 pm
company and he's doing business and other figures close to the ruling family and elite doing business if geneva and there is a high suspicion of that. >> a huge of the ukraine identity is the language. david reports from the second city, which is also a former capital under the soviet union. >> a performance of midsummer night's dream. it is a russian speaking theatre and in this theatre though using the ukrainian language. it is named at a poet and the famous works speaks of the rebelli
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rebellion. the first director died in a gu lag. a professor was photographing the exhibits in the writer's museum when we arrived. the novelest at the forefront in their mother tongue, all living and working in the same building, all shot on the orders of stallen. >> if you look at the statistics about the magazines, newspapers and pe percentage of the ukrainian language, two thirds of russian language. >> you don't hear a word of ukraine language spoken here, they are fighting to keep the statute standing and all that it represents. >> they are repealing the laws
1:38 pm
giving special protections to the russian language. >> in school number 62, students are learning how to speak french. any problems with the grammar, they use ukrainian to answer him. a thousand students at the school. >> the classes are taught in ukrainian. >> the ukrainian flag flown at half mast in memory of those that died in kiev. with the classrooms empty, beginning the lessons in ballroom dancing. such charm and artistry
1:39 pm
translates to any language and crossing all borders. >> that's it for me for the moment. back to jane. thank you. in pakistan, the long march is over, they have walked 2,000 kilometers from the homes to the capital. they accuse the government for kidnapping thousands of people. we have more on the story. >> the man in can white is 72-year-old. he's been walking for 120 days and over 2000 kilometers to raise his voice for the missing. >> they are picking up people, especially the young and the educated like doctors and engineers. who is picking them up? >> he started this 14 years ago
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and has not stopped since. he started with two dozen protestor. as they entered, many of them joining in and becoming a demonstration of hundreds of people. he belongs to a group calling for separation from pakistan. >> it was an independent country. it needs to regain independence. >> they don't believe in the pakistani system and not going to the politicians or the parliament to register the protests but going to the u.n. and asking them to stop the so called appearances and according to the protestor thousands of youth and activists are captured by the agencies. >> security officials are
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denying the abductions. separatists attacked the civilians and armed forces and destroyed the landmarks, one of them this. in the last ten years, more than two thousand civilians killed and separatists groups are claiming the responsibility. if someone is breaking the law they must be tried under the legal system. they are facing a multitude of governing issues. as people continue the disappear, the marches like this will continue. >> they are calling for more demonstrations on thursday and the security forces fired tear gas at the large crowds of students protesting in the
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capital. thousands are rallying in cities against venezuela against the crack down on the protestor and 14 people killed since the students led demonstrations began. >> the cost of almost a billion dollars, cuba's port is a sign of economic strength, built with brazil's help is providing a link to the rest of the world, but for much investment going to cuba, other nations are the caribbean are worried about the impact to their economies. we have a report from the bahamas. >> grand bahamas not feeling like a place to worry about anything. the economy is driven by tourism and the residents are keeping it
1:43 pm
sustained. for dafny that works for this market, it is a matter of survival. >> we need the tourists and we have to treat them to the best of our ability so they'll return. we need the returning guests. >> tourism here is looking for now safe, but the other big industry shipping could be under aathlete. >> this is port with built with a lot of brazilian money. and european union is looking to strengthen the ties with brazil. free port has one of the largest ports in the world. even so, local business leaders are watching closely on the developments in cuba.
1:44 pm
>> we have to pay attention and we are working well with panama and the larger ships. we are at the party. and those guys are just getting in. >> with tourism rising in cuba, that too could steal business from the bahamas. >> there will be a day of reconnection with the relationship that our closest neighbor creating to northern part of the caribbean a force that the bigger than the past years. >> the caribbean attracts millions of visitors each year and it is a major shipping hub and little doubt that cuba is making a major player in the region, but for many there is plenty of business to go around. >> still to come, this program, building a toy dynasty.
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we look at the powering success of lego. >> in sports, why andy murray going local in mexico.
1:46 pm
>> uk is suffering exiting of the black film makers and coming to the united states because of feeling like they are being held back in their home. we have a report from london.
1:47 pm
>> not long before the oscars, this film is britain's big hope. >> 12 years of slaves. >> it is already taking two of the main prizes at the brits and the lead actor is british and black and the film's director too. this is the best of the british. it is doing well in the uk and took in $30 million. for the black film makers not having such a good time. writers producers and writers making up 7.4% of the work force and 2012, that number dropped to 5.4%. and many are packing up and headed to the west to the united states. not necessarily because they want to, but because they feel they have to. they are not getting their breaks in this country.
1:48 pm
case in point, he was a prime time tv actor and even got a royal honor and not getting much bigger than that and that was the problem, he couldn't get bigger here and came to the u.s. and runs an acting school. >> we have left the uk and come to u.s. and rising up to whatever brand of entertainment we wish to go into. they want a shot of fulfilling their potential. >> steve mcqueen directed the 12 years of slaves. there is a question troubling this film maker. >> where do we go from here? >> winning an award for the documentary and it is not a question of why, but about stop them from needing to. >> what happens, is it just
1:49 pm
going to be me. integrate theal lant that is out there. hence the reason the space. >> these actors and directors could be inspiring to the up and coming black film makers and part of the issue is finding out why they are leaving in the first place, fund or prejudice. >> what's happening in sports? >> tennis, roger federer on course to win another crown. he's playing the top seed in the semifinals. he's seeded 4th for the tournament. he stormed back and winning the next two sets and facing berdych in the final.
1:50 pm
>> fer ez playing in the final. the 3 time champion playing kevin anderson and forced to retire with an injury. and playing ukraine's player in the semifinals. also andy murray. he came back from the brink of defeat to win. playing in the semifinals. banned for two matches because of u out lashes to the referee. the chileans said that the swedish official not impartial to both of the teams.
1:51 pm
so he's in the stands for the next two games. it comes as preparing for the english league cup. it is an opportunity for the 63-year-old to pick up a first trophy since taking over last june. >> we played a good cup. we won all of the games. we score 19 of 20 goals. that is very important to win that cup and also in the way we played. >> now, golf, mcelroy going to the top of the world rankings back in 2012 and in that classic, became the world's number one and on the way to climbing the title the palm beach. the 24-year-old with a 66, and
1:52 pm
opening round of 63 on thursday and he's 11 under par overall and leading by 4 shots and several players still out on the course. meanwhile n south africa, roth fisher is leading on the open. 40 foot par from the hole and helping to get an eagle. he's currently 13 under. the miami heat six for six in the nba and new york knicks james is wearing a mask to protect the broken nose. the nba's most valuable player. heat wins 108-82. james plans to play with the mask for a couple of weeks at least. to the top riders not separated
1:53 pm
on the final day of the preseason testing. clocked 1:59.999 seconds and topping the time charts but withel minutes remaining, managed to match the time exactly. >> we have always at the top, always have to fight for the first position and in the end it is positive. we still have some problems when it is hot with the longer distance and with the new tires we have to work, we do a good step from the first test. >> a thrilling match in the latest asia cup. 264 for 9 of the 50 hours and proving not to be enough. 103 of 85 balls.
1:54 pm
looked like he would see the team to victory. just 7 runs away from the victory target and getting the winning runs. meanwhile, england back in action after following the ashes campaign. they are playing the west indies series. 269 in the 50 hours and england started well. 62-0. blackhawks made a losing start to the post olympic campaign. they lost 2-1 to the rangers. rick nash scoring the 19 goal for the season. penguins and canada matches up.
1:55 pm
washington capitols playing the florida panthers. check out al for more details in getting in touch in the team using twitter and facebook. >> thank you. for a moment, imagine this, lego on average sells ten of the 12 sets within seconds. gaining ground in new markets, such as china. profits are up. >> in the 82 year history, lego has seen the ups and downs and now the danish toy maker couldn't with riding higher.
1:56 pm
the feature film, bringing in $300 million at the box office. and so must be the world's second largest toy manufacturer, posted $1.1 billion of profit for 2013 and still growing, all though not as fast. >> the company quadrupled in size and it is the company is becoming a large part of the market, the growth rates are coming down to a sustainable level. >> from the humble beginnings, the company has grown into something of a global pop culture phenomenon. over the years, 650 billion lego pieces produced and stretching around the world 18 times.
1:57 pm
the success of the company is built on this piece of plastic, the multicolored interlocking brick. take six of them and the creative possibilities are limitless. the actual number is 915 million. you heard that right. the company is saying 915 million ways to combine six lego bricks. and then countless more to cash in on that. these days everything from harry potter, to star wars, they find a place in the land of lego. a global toy empire built one mr plastic brick at a time. >> incredible success. the film is fantastic as well. thank you for your company. we have a full bulletin of news straight ahead. thank you for watching.
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bye bye.
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welcome back to al jazeera members of the jury. these are the stories we are following for you. the ukraine president is speaking out. thousands of documents shedding light on the pressing si of clinton. and california is dealing with flooding and mud slides.

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